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Corporate Governance

Norfolk Southern is governed by a set of policies and processes that ensure the highest ethical standards and promote transparency and accountability. This section provides documents and reports to enable investors to understand our governance structure, our Board of Directors’ strategic and independent oversight of our organization, and our commitment to good corporate governance.

Delivering on our Commitments

Learn more about what we’re doing to support our people and drive sustainability, along with our commitment to strong governance and risk management practices, by downloading Forging a Better Tomorrow, our annual Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) report.

Making It Right: 12-Month East Palestine Report

We’ve now spent a year in East Palestine living out our commitment to making it right, day in and day out. In the past six months, we’ve completed a significant portion of environmental remediation, and continue to ramp up community support to help the area thrive long term.

Norfolk Southern is fully committed to not only restoring the community, but also making it stronger. Every step of the way, we're listening and working closely with community leaders, residents, and businesses.

We will keep working as long as it takes for the East Palestine area to return to the kind of thriving community its people are proud to call home.

2024 Proxy Statement